3D Crystal Rectangle

The 3D Crystal Rectangle is a beautiful, elegant piece of crystal furniture that will blend in with any home decor. It makes a lovely birthday or housewarming gift. You can choose to place it in landscape or portrait orientation, or add a personalized message. You can even make it look like a bubblegram!

Personalize a 3D crystal rectangle with engravings of family photos or pet portraits

A 3D crystal rectangle is an ideal way to display photos in a unique way. Whether your image is a landscape or portrait, this crystal can accommodate it. You can even select the orientation of the engraving, and the crystal can even accommodate an image up to a certain size limit. If the image exceeds this limit, it will be engraved in 2D.

These personalized crystal gifts come in many shapes and sizes. Some can even come with an LED light and a wooden base. They make beautiful, meaningful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. They are also perfect corporate gifts and employee recognition gifts.

Display it in portrait or landscape setting

The Artpix 3D Crystal Rectangle model is a great way to permanently cement your favorite memories. Part of the company’s 3D glass picture collection, the Crystal Rectangle promises to provide clear cut images that you’ll want to hang in your home. Additional features include free 2D to 3D conversion, personalization, and complimentary background removal.

You can either display your 3D Crystal Rectangle in a landscape or portrait orientation, depending on the image you want to display. Usually, a portrait orientation will look better when you view your artwork from a front-facing angle, while a landscape orientation will look best for a side-on view.

Add a personalized quote or message to it

For a more personal touch, add a personalized quote or message to your 3D Crystal Rectangle. This unique display is available in five sizes and is compatible with a variety of sleek accessories. It is also available in a number of shapes and colors.

Customizing a 3D Crystal Rectangle is a great way to add meaning and beauty to an award. While random engravings might look pretty, they don’t add any meaning to the award. For a truly personal touch, consider engraving an inspiring quote or message on the crystal block.

Create a bubblegram

A bubblegram is a 3D crystal engraving created by using a laser. The laser points to a certain part of the crystal, which reacts by creating a bubble. Typically, it takes millions of points to create a complete 3D image. The bubbles are tenths of a millimeter in size. Fortunately, the process is surprisingly fast.

To create a bubblegram, you will need a 3D camera and a 3D scanner. Then, use software to change the amount of power that the laser pulses are applied. The higher the power, the brighter the bubbles appear.